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Corporate Magic Show with Ian, Magician in Singapore, for Tradeshows, Dnds and Corporate Parties

Let's face it... Corporate parties can sometimes be a drag. Let us help you make it more fun and interesting!

A magic show is a great ice breaker for your corporate events - not only are they entertaining and funny,

but they are also highly interactive.


Spice up your corporate event by booking a magic show for the perfect party entertainment!

Your party is in safe hands, as Magician Ian never disappoints. Everyone is guaranteed to have a great time.

Read on to find out exactly what a corporate magic show can do for your event!

Optimise delivery of your brand's message

Want to make an impact on your brand's message? Don't worry, we got you! It can be hard sometimes to retain audience attention, that's where we come in. 


We can help to propagate the desired brand message through visual and interactive magic that helps to build an ever-lasting impression. Our corporate magic show is the solution to keeping everyone engaged while keeping the atmosphere high.


Maximise attendees and impressions

First impressions matter. Everybody knows that. From D&D events to product launches, we can help you make a fantastic first impression with our corporate magic show. In fact, we believe we can help change negative impressions to positive ones!

By drawing in a large crowd through magic, we can help to optimise outreach and impressions. Guests will even have the unique opportunity to participate on stage, keeping their spirits high.


alumni night photo 4.jpg

Increase conversion rate

The key to increasing the conversion rate is increasing consideration for your company. Our corporate magic show is the perfect answer to changing hearts and minds, helping to increase consideration and conversion rate! 

We can help you to gain the audience's attention by enticing them through magic, and then the stage is all yours for you to share more about your company and services! 

Unique VIP participation

We're sure you're bored of the same old same old routines during corporate events. Well, say never again! That's all going to change once you engage a corporate event magician. 


We can help you to build your relationship with VIPs by creating unique opportunities with them. Our corporate magic show optimises photo moments and builds a wealth of marketing materials with VIP involvement. 

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