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Wedding Magic Show with Ian, Magician in Singapore

Want to add some magic to your momentous day?

Have a truly magical wedding by hiring Singapore Magician Ian as your wedding party entertainer. Not only will he keep your guests entertained and laughing all night long, but they will also be astonished by his impossible tricks!


Spice up your wedding party by booking a magic show for the perfect party entertainment!

Your party is in safe hands, as Magician Ian never disappoints. Everyone is guaranteed to have a great time.

Read on to find out exactly what a wedding magic show can do for your event!

Elevating your memorable event

Wedding activities are usually the same and guests tend to be bored when waiting... Why not, let us help you make your wedding stand out? 

We can help to elevate your memorable event through our wedding party magic show! Have you seen the magic trick of people appearing magically? Make a grand entrance by appearing out of nowhere.

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Unique story-telling 

Every wedding has a video montage of how the two lovebirds met. This time, let's change it up! A wedding party magic show is exactly what you're looking for!

Why not consider a grand and whimsical magic performance on stage? We can tell your love story in an entertaining and magical way using fascinating magic tricks and unique story-telling. 

Rest assured, with it happening on stage, this style of magic show is the perfect option for a wedding.


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